Wednesday, November 3

The Waiting Game

Well it appears the signposts have distracted me to the extent that I'm maintaining a presence on the forum and the Groups Network but am sadly falling behind in the blogging - I'm not complaining, just documenting. I accept that my artefact will not be ready in time for the completion of the course-too much reflection, too many distractions, not enough time. BUT - it doesn't matter, because my learning will continue apace once the course is completed. I have a kaleidoscope of ideas to follow up. 
For the moment, I fear infoglut has me in its mire, but I will surface and will be a lot dirtier but a lot wiser. And I can always wash can't I, then the mire should be a dim memory with cleanliness an almost permanent state (fingers crossed)

And as I wait and linger I had time to watch and enjoy the 'Doodle Revolution'
And this one
Visual Creative Thinking
View more presentations from homehelper.

for future pondering and elaboration:
1.The Musketeer principle
2.The Jackhammer - network saboteur
3.The Informed Silence
4. The default versus the personal network

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    Cheers for PLENK2010 and see you in 2011