Sunday, October 31

PLE/Ns Tools - What Exists,...... How are they used ?

 Am I at risk of becoming a real tool if I dismisses new tools arbitrarily ?
The task is to explore tool functionality missing from PLEs, determine what I need to create new tools and identify strategies for improving end user experience- perhaps new tools, new interfaces and imroving functionality
The term 'tool' exudes the typical ambiguity. 
When is a tool a resource ? 
Is an LMS a tool or resource ?
Creating new tools e.g GRSShopper presupposes a high degree of Perl scripting experience which I don't believe would be possessed by most teachers. And it is the discipline of teaching which is relevant to me. I don't believe the person who has the largest toolbox or the shiniest newest tool is necessarily the best craftsperson. For me the relevance lies in the tools functionality and ease of use. 
That old song -" If I had a hammer" comes unbidden into my head, and therefore hot on its heel's a favourite quote :  
If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.  Alexander Maslow

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