Sunday, November 7

PLE/Ns and Managing Personal Knowledge (PKM)

 What does anyone know about Knowledge ?
The task is to detail how I define information and knowledge and determine how I manage information. Do I follow a  structured PKM model or rely on a less formal system? I am meant to consider diagramming how my PKM relates to my PLE/N and share in the discussion forum. 

Once again, I'm questioning the relevance of the acronym. I'm becoming frustrated with the process of comparing apples to oranges and talking at cross purposes.  There appears to be no universal definition of KM, just as there's no agreement as to what constitutes knowledge in the first place so I question the relevance of discussing an acronym which has knowledge at the core ? My preference would be to replace it with P.I.M (personal information management)

There seems to be a dwindling of forum contributors. Some of the regulars have dropped off and some newbies have appeared. I anticipate a proportion would be working on a final artefact due in the final week, however I'm realistic enough to accept that it is best for me to forgo the artefact, and concentrate on refining my ideas and determining how they link together because I can definitely sense both a pattern and connection. The most effective method of demonstrating this currently eludes me.   

Interestingly enough there were no artifacts ! Guess I have to keep reminding myself that MOOCING equates with flying free, ignoring deadlines and pretty much doing whatever suits. Liberating ..............

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