The Janus Factor

Janus – Two Headed Not ‘Two Faced’
Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and the guardian of gates and doors, represented by two heads back to back, each looking in opposite directions, his right hand  holding a key. The Romans began an endeavor with prayers to Janus believing it would ensure good endings. Representing a transition between primitive life and civilization, an analogy is evident with respect to the learning paths we, as mature learners, choose. We can exist as ostriches lamenting the loss of “how it used to be” or reach out and continually embrace new opportunities. Then again perhaps the symbol of Janus best represents the duel between the cynic and the idealist that still rages within me after all these years. 
I anticipate that the #PLENK2010 course will establish new signposts on the learning road, and I shall make the decision as to which turns I take. Perhaps some turns will prove to be false turns which lead to no new constructs or illuminations, however I have choices, and I can always turn, retrace my steps to the signpost and change direction once again to perhaps take the path less travelled, or alternately, perhaps the rutted and worn.  Who knows..... but the beauty lies in the fact that it is ultimately my choice and I can be true to that blended voice of intellect and intuition which is 'my voice'.

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