MOOC pearls

 A collection of memorable moments - things that gave me a smile or think ( a growing repository )

1.Gordon Lockhart's memorable MOOC 'Infographic'(as defined by Jim Groom)
  Based on ‘la vaca de los sinvaca’ by José Bogado

My response to Gordon's:

The network inside your own head is a useful resource and works fine when the net is offline.
Scott Johnson

Ah yes, the irksomeness of feeling irked. At some point I think we all reach this state. For a Connectivist, the mental state of ‘irked’ often precedes the network state of ‘dis-connect’, and thus can lead to an affirmation of the statement “knowledge is in the connections”, as knowledge is no longer in the ‘irked’ because they aren’t connected.....Connection (or re-connection) is contingent on the absence (or removal) of irk.  (I dub thee: Con-Irk-tivism)
Ken Anderson

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