Thursday, April 14

Dilbert Gems

Dilbert always has something profound to offer during these times of change

New Web 2.0 Friendship Paradigm

Information Overload

Vital Skills For Maintaining Connectivity
The Pressures Of Maintaining Technological Currency

The Precarious Nature Of Self Promotion

The Inherent Dangers Of Leaving A Digital DNA Trail

The Semantic Merry-Go-Round

The Connectivist Learner Needs To Be Diplomatic

Acronym s Is Much Valued

What Can We Now Say About Knowledge ?


  1. The 'friend' issue gives me problems and I'm not easy with the new meaning of the word. As far as Facebook is concerned I don't really use it much but find it interesting to keep an eye on relatives or people I've actually known in some friendly real life capacity. During CCK11 I had several friending requests from fellow participants that I'd never had anything to do with - but I'd no idea how to 'reject' them without appearing churlish!

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday - now with a fully oak re-charged soul battery. I found CCK11 an interesting, enjoyable but time-consuming experience. I feel no compulsion to become a 'serial MOOCer' though!


  2. Hey there Gordon - good to hear you again. Yes I have recharged my batteries somewhat and am now launched on a photography course which will start in about 2 weeks. I've become a Flickr devotee and spent last weekend in the cemetary photographing angels ! Perfect location and activity for a confessed introvert :)
    With respect to the 'friending'aspect on FB- the shallow interpretation of 'friends' is a real turn off for me, more an adolescent affectation and I'm way past that stage of life. The MOOCing experience can certainly be time consuming. This was my second MOOC and I far preferred the first. I'm not sure if guest access is still available to the PLENK forum but I would be interested to know if you've seen some of the discussion threads. I really only participated this time as an observer of sorts( a MOOC voyeur I imagine). May of the concepts were already familiar so to a great extent it was covering old ground and the absence of a real discussion forum other than FB was disappointing. I've been reading your evaluation of your MOOCing experience and am in the middle of composing my reply. But I'm trying to gather my own thoughts in some semblance of order before hitting the 'post' button. I'll probably be even more voyeurish if there is another MOOC. I suffer from brain strain for a week or two after they've finished. I've loved reading your contributions along with Ken's and Scott's particularly - humour is a vital component for me.
    Until next our paths cross ! Stay safe Gordon

  3. Gordon. I know you're a YouTube surfer. You may like this video from 'Some Grey Bloke'

  4. Thanks for your kind comments Susan and glad to hear you've recharged. In spite of what I've written already I don't think I really understand what CCK11 has done - particularly to me! I think I'm suffering from a bit of a MOOC hangover as well - finding it difficult to focus on interesting jobs (like weeding the garden - Spring here!) and avoiding anything that needs any effort. In regard to PLENK, I can't see any discussion because of the need to login to Moodle (a MCOC ?) - but maybe I'm missing something.

    Re angelic activities - I've done my time in cemeteries too but photographing family gravestones in Scotland, England and even Canada. (I'm no photographer but sent up a few to Flickr last winter following a really cold spell - ). Anyway, enjoy your photography course - I look forward to seeing the fruits on this very blog!

  5. I like this guy I feel I like him lool. In my lecturer in Uni the teachers has presents Dilbert Gems. Because teachers want to learn how we think and how we able to find the right way to response.

    I think Dilbert Gems is the best Business story ever make me strong! :).

    Thanks Susan for sharing


    1. Thanks for dropping by Hawari - You did very well to find this blog - I haven't updated for a long time. Dilbert frequently makes a lot of sense to me :-)