Monday, April 18

Aggregation Agravation

In the past I've tinkered with aggregators. Many people say they employ them with great success. I found them to be yet another box that needed to be ticked each day. Perhaps I just didn't uncover one that worked well for me. I now prefer to simply wing it, returning to 'Old Favourite' online haunts via some of my blog links. I don't subscibe to any blogs and limit the number of people I follow on Twitter. I LiveBinder or Diigo any tasty morsels. Now no doubt this would be different were I an academic or a researcher who needed to compile data and maintain currency. But I'm not, so it suits me to be modern day Hansel, ensuring my breadcrumbs leave a clear trail.

Soon we'll be needing an aggregator to aggregate our aggregations.

I've experimented with a new tool today that came to me from a link via George Couros' ( Alec's brother) blog. He'd been a contributor to The Super Book Of Web Tools For Educators and I can see 'Answer Garden' as having great applications for learners of all ages and a great tool for Connectivist type learners. It also includes a great flash widget customiser. It's easy to set up, only accepts short answers, updates in the blog immediately and creates a cloud

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