Saturday, January 8

Downes Is Up Again !

In the middle of my computer streamlining process discovered that Stephen is facilitating another MOOC on Connectivist Networking (#CCK11) commencing January 17. I'm not sure I'm ready for the intensity of another PLENK, however I won't miss the opportunity for some professional development. I aim to be a lot wiser this time around having some basic MOOC literacy skills under my belt, and with all the projects I'm currently juggling I would imagine I may move no further than 'lurker' stage.

"Are you a lurker" offers a balanced, non judgemental  perspective on this interesting phenomenon which seems to get some people's knickers in a knot- not sure why. It's somewhat of an oxymoron to mouth acceptance of individual differences and respect for others yet endeavour to impose social etiquette behaviours on the group which may make some feel uncomfortable.

I've heard 'lurkers' referred to as 'peripheral learners', not sure where, but I far prefer it. After all, we're not Spartan warriors off to fight at our own little Thermopylae-the stakes aren't life threatening !


  1. What a great blogpost. I hope to see more posts from you in cck11 if you find the time.

  2. Apologies Linn. I just uncovered this comment. I never anticipated anyone else reading my blog. It's more a reflective process for me. Just reinforces the fact that we are never truly alone when on the web. It's great to see fellow PLENKERS popping up unnanounced still providing support and leads to future learning.